By the cozy name of our design studio are professionals who have been passionate about every project for 12 years.

For a while, Yuriy Tepliy worked independently on projects, but with the increase of orders the employees also increased. In the process, a large team was formed with specialists of different profiles. Together, we brainstorm in search of creativity, convenience, and stylish solutions. But first of all, we put the wishes of customers to create not just a project, but a warm house: the house is not just four walls. It is synonymous with peace, family and harmony, around which each person’s life is concentrated. A place where every family member is cozy and comfortable.

We introduce the latest solutions to each project and often become pioneers in the market. Individually for the project we design and create our own high quality products that will be a part of home comfort for many years. The highest quality came with the experience: they developed about 500 designs of various premises – housing, offices, catering establishments and restaurant and hotel complexes. The fact that people like our work is confirmed not only by the good reviews, but also by the awards at competitions in Moscow, New York, Taiwan.

We consider design to be contemporary art, and every work is a painting. Our style is eclectic. Minimalism, loft, scandinavia, the elements of which we combine, we create each time a unique project. Everything goes: metal, wood and concrete. We love working with the contrast of textures, textures and light, a balance between aesthetics and practicality. We believe in eco design – this is the future.

And we are in favor of rationality in everything, so our approach can be described as follows:

“A masterpiece is not when the expensive stuff looks good, but when the cheap stuff looks cool!”