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The secret to the success of our projects is nature,
its use in designs, eco materials.
Nature is our architect and material!

Who is our customer

Who is ready for change .
With a keen sense of beautiful .
Who wants the best .
Who changes internally to change externally .

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Stages of work

Every object we design goes through three main steps.

This is what we call the beginning. The basis of successful cooperation. When we create an interesting interior, we design a home, apartment, private home, office or complex. Based on the developed project you will be able to provide the masters with specifications, drawings, maps of materials selection. If you instruct us to do so, you will also receive copyright oversight for the implementation of your project.

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As part of this phase, we will offer several options for planning solutions. From 1 and even up to 10 at customer’s choice. We will agree on the style, materials, colors and overall concept of the future interior. We will discuss, think over and agree on the layout of furniture.
But the main thing we will do:

Departure to the object, measurements of the room, photo fixation.

Measured drawing with attachment to communications.

3D layout of the existing state.

 Visualization is a crucial step for a designer. But the most interesting is for the customer. It is the visualization of the apartment or house – this is the first acquaintance with the fact that subsequently the customer will call their home. Visualization is the basis of the first dreams and visions of your future. We understand this …

3D interior rendering

Construction of 2-6 views of each room

Visualization of premises with the customer

And then it gets easier. Drawings appear. These are the roadmaps on the way to the realization of the project. The drawings show What, Where and How. With the drawings, the customer has almost a set of tips, conclusions and visions, on the basis of which a team of masters will step by step do what you wanted and we depicted on paper.

Selection of materials

Arrangement of accents

Consent with the customer

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