Interior design price.

For the convenience of communication and working with our customers, we have developed basic pacts of services, according to which we build cooperation. The flexible and intelligible system of our work facilitates mutual understanding and minimizes all working moments. This allows us to concentrate as much as possible on the work that we always finish on time.

Our packages, services and prices


Measuring plan, dismantling plan, plan
installation, projected plan with dimensions,
layout of furniture

2 $ / 1 sq. m


Package “PLAN” + 3D visualization

from $ 15/1 square. m


3D visualization, technical drawings,
specifications (decorative materials,
plumbing, lighting, doors), estimate
repair work, consultations during
on-site repairs or salons

from $ 20/1 square. m


TEPLYY package + estimates –
decorative materials, lighting,
supplies, custom furniture and
technique (all estimates are submitted in
Google Sheets)

from $ 25/1 square. m


We are in the process of implementing the project design
take over – copyright supervision,
technological supervision, work with
suppliers, manufacturers,
contractors, logistics, assembly
billing, costing,
scheduling works, photo report, etc. –
that is, everything from technical networks to
composition of a bouquet in a vase.

from $ 20/1 square. m