3D visualization of a project – 20+ $/m2

 At this level the computer visualization of the interior is performed – it is visual three-dimensional photo-realistic images of your interior that allow you to get a full understanding of the used materials, colors, chosen furniture and furnishings, and a realistic picture of the interior lighting.

 Full design project – 25+ $/m2

 Visualization + all drawings required for masters to implement a design project into reality.

Supervision – paid extra

It includes the support for object and supervision that involve working with contractors onsite for repairs to maintain control with the implementation of the project. Assistance in resolving issues during implementation. Selection and assistance in buying materials (tile, flooring, paint, wallpaper, moldings, sanitary ware, furniture, etc. ). Decoration – designer puts his own last “scetches” to provide comfort, harmony and perfection of the object through such things as curtains, lamps, paintings, sculptures, mirrors, rugs, gardening, textiles, decorative  etc.


Draft project – 7 $/m2

Working Draft – 15 $/m2


5+ $/m2


1,5+ $ – m2