Design project private house, Bartatov

Minimalist cottage from scratch – we can do it all!

Lots of light and nothing extra for 260 m². White and gray range of colors. Concrete, stone, metal, brick and wood. Here’s a recipe for a super-minimalist space that’s also cozy!

The secret is that every inch of the cottage was designed for the owner, his needs and preferences.

The heart of the house is the giant fragments of rocks, which together with the metal stairs create an art composition in the center of the house. And all around it is gray. However, gray has never been so pleasing: bare lacquered concrete, painted brick and painted plaster instead of boring shades have made the apartment truly distinctive. The only color blotches of crimson come to life are the two areas where owners spend the most time: the dining table and the sofa.

Real rocks are not the only wonder; there is also a 360 degree rotating fireplace and other creative creatives.

This is an example of successful work when the client listens to the wishes of the developer, and the developer to the client – in our case, the cool progressive IT shiner Yuriy Kushla, who knows what he wants. Still, a warm home is made not by trends, but by a harmonious balance between the owner’s preference, functionality and authorial approach.

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