“Oh, great minimalism” – this is what the project can be called for a family of well-known progressive IT nerds. Here at 200 m² in Forum Apartments (150 m² + 50 m² of terraces) – and your favorite brick, and concrete, and conciseness.

The main concept of the project was the idea of ​​creating a unique interior without adding something new, but leaving the basic, the basic. Therefore, both the brick and the concrete walls-ceiling remained from the developer. They became the elements of identification of the Loftian-minimalist style and individuality of the project. Plaster and painted brick in places have only decorative function, they are tools of difference of textures-colors, which requires the project.

This is how moving away from traditional methods has changed the look of the apartment to the modern. And it is a horse ride that has allowed the owners to save considerable money on repair work.

Teplyy Design Studio is already starting to implement this turnkey project in the near future: we manufacture original furniture, our team provides both copyright supervision and all repair work. We promise to share the impressions of the project with you.

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