Stusa street apartment


An apartment that has its own character, but at the same time will be comfortable for anyone, is about our new project.

81.5 m² of modern minimalism with elements of the loft harmoniously combine white walls, crude concrete and veneered surfaces. Texture difference was used as a decor and as a means of volume, lightness. Like a roughly plastered wall with directional illumination that creates a vibrant light-shadow picture. Bright yellow elements in each area of ​​the living space breathe life into a white-gray palette, together with the natural wood create a feeling of comfort.

They plan to rent the apartment, so the materials are chosen practical, convenient in care. The space was also made as organized as possible, but uncluttered at the same time: many hidden places, niches, shelves for storing things.

In short, comfortable, restrained, concise and comfortable.

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